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A menudo se ve a personas alimentando monos y otros animales salvajes nativos en las playas, en la ciudad de Quepos y en el mercado de agricultores de Quepos. Notamos la necesidad de detener [...]


Nombre Científico: Hymenaea courbaril Familia Botánica: FABACEAE CAESALPINACEAE Nombres Común: Guapinol Este es un árbol de tamaño grande que puede llegar a alcanzar hasta 40 metros de altura, de copa grande y redondeada, revestida [...]

Tree of the Month: Cat’s Tail

Scientific Name: Stachytarpheta mutabilis Botanical Family: Verbenaceae Common Name: Cat’s Tail   By enjoying the beautiful coloration of its inflorescences and its abundant production of nectar that attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, we assure ourselves that [...]

Tree of the Month: Hombre Grande

Scientific Name: Quassia amara Botanical Family: Simaroubaceae Common Name: Hombre Grande ("Big Man") The extremely bitter taste of the leaves and stem upon chewing show to us that we are in the presence of [...]

Tree of the Month: Nazareno

Scientific Name: Peltogyne purpurea Family: Fabaceae-Caesalpinaceae Common Name: Nazareno The traditional name of our tree of the month of April, the Nazareno, is derived from its fine and splendid wood, of purple color which [...]

Member Bulletin: January – April 2017

TCA on TV! The TCA and its projects were featured in a documentary series about endangered species shown in Costa Rica by Channel 7 during the first week of January. Both Russ Jensen and [...]

Tree of the Month: ESPAVEL

Scientific Name: Anacardium exelsum Botanical Family: Anacardiaceae Common Name: Espavel Our tree of the month of March, the Espavel, fills the rivers basin of our Naranjo River Biological Corridor and the Central Pacific with [...]