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People are often seen feeding monkeys and other native wildlife on the beaches, in Quepos town and at the Quepos farmers market. We noticed an urge to stop wildlife feeding in the community as a result [...]

Clean Up Our Community Projects

Titi Conservation Alliance is actively committed to participating in area events that raise awareness about environment and the importance of our precious land. Whether TCA staff are participating as waste pickers on the shores [...]

Environmental Education Revived at Local Schools

Over the last several weeks Titi Conservation Alliance has been actively reviving an ever popular Environmental Education program which we will continue to expand at various local schools in Quepos province. [...]

TCA Active in Community Committees

We are proud to announce that Titi Conservation Alliance has been named an honorary member of the newly formed Environmental Committee of the Chamber of Industry, Business and Tourism of Quepos (Comité de Ambiente [...]

Ocean Festival 2019

Titi Conservation Alliance (TCA) played a pivotal role in the recent organization and execution of Costa Rica's very first Ocean Festival in Manuel Antonio/Quepos, proudly joined by several local businesses and TCA members, the [...]


Scientific Name: Hymenaea courbaril Botanical Family: FABACEAE CAESALPINACEAE Common Name(s): Guapinol This is a large tree that can reach up to 40 meters in height, with a large, rounded crown, covered with bright, compound [...]

Tree of the Month: Jucó

Scientific Name: Trema micrantha Botanical Family: Cannabaceae Common Name: Jucó The constant visits of the birds to feed on their abundant orange fruits assures us that we are in the presence of our tree [...]

Tree of the Month: Nude Indian

Scientific Name: Bursera simaruba Botanical family: Burseraceae Common names: Nude Indian - Jiñocuabe The intense colors of its bark that range in shades of green, orange and coffee and the detachment of its bark in [...]

Tree of the Month: Mamón Chino

Name: Nephelium lappaceum Botanical Family: Sapindacea Common Names: Chinese Mamon or Rambutan   The intense red color of its fruits and the exquisite sweet taste of its fruit assure us that we are in [...]

Tree of the Month: Cat’s Tail

Scientific Name: Stachytarpheta mutabilis Botanical Family: Verbenaceae Common Name: Cat’s Tail   By enjoying the beautiful coloration of its inflorescences and its abundant production of nectar that attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, we assure ourselves that we [...]

Tree of the Month: Hombre Grande

Scientific Name: Quassia amara Botanical Family: Simaroubaceae Common Name: Hombre Grande ("Big Man") The extremely bitter taste of the leaves and stem upon chewing show to us that we are in the presence of [...]

Tree of the Month: Nazareno

Scientific Name: Peltogyne purpurea Family: Fabaceae-Caesalpinaceae Common Name: Nazareno The traditional name of our tree of the month of April, the Nazareno, is derived from its fine and splendid wood, of purple color which [...]

Member Bulletin: January – April 2017

TCA on TV! The TCA and its projects were featured in a documentary series about endangered species shown in Costa Rica by Channel 7 during the first week of January. Both Russ Jensen and [...]

Tree of the Month: ESPAVEL

Scientific Name: Anacardium exelsum Botanical Family: Anacardiaceae Common Name: Espavel Our tree of the month of March, the Espavel, fills the rivers basin of our Naranjo River Biological Corridor and the Central Pacific with [...]

New Member – Capris S.A.

We are pleased to present our newest member of the Titi Conservation Alliance, Capris S.A. This company is one of Costa Rica’s foremost distributors of industrial equipment and hardware products, and has grown to [...]