Over the last several weeks Titi Conservation Alliance has been actively reviving an ever popular Environmental Education program which we will continue to expand at various local schools in Quepos province.

Environmental Education classes by Titi Conservation Alliance and our network of member businesses cover a wide range of topics, including:

  • flora and fauna, biodiversity
  • local wildlife rescue centers
  • primates and tití monkeys
  • Río Naranjo Biological Corridor
  • mangrove ecosystem services
  • plastic contamination
  • solid and liquid waste management
  • recycling workshops
  • reforestation and tree nurseries
  • community based wildlife conservation
  • sustainable agriculture
  • mindfulness
  • global citizenship
  • introduction to the indigenous peoples of Costa Rica (specifically the Maleku indigenous reserve and people)

Whenever possible, special guests are invited to join TCA Environmental Education classes to cover specific topics. These carefully chosen professionals add great insight and knowledge to discussions for children interested in securing a better future for their environmental, wildlife and our oceans. At the start of our first ever Ocean Festival, Katharine Evans of Marine Conservation Costa Rica gave a class on “Corals: Biology, Threats, Protection and Restoration” at the local Quepos high school. It is great for these young individuals to learn more about what is happening both globally and locally.

Titi Conservation Alliance’s Environmental Education program was submitted to the national Ministry of Education earlier this year in order to bring about and spread forth Environmental Education components in schools across the country.