Scientific Name: Trema micrantha

Botanical Family: Cannabaceae

Common Name: Jucó

The constant visits of the birds to feed on their abundant orange fruits assures us that we are in the presence of our tree of the month of October, El JUCO.

Commonly we find this tree growing open areas along riverbanks of rivers and ravines, pastures and in secondary forests of the Pacific and Atlantic coast of our country.

El Juco is a medium-sized tree about 7 meters high. It is recognized for having simple, alternate leaves and a whitish underside. With abundant small fruits that are orange when mature. Ecologically it is very important especially for birds; since a great number of species come to feed on the fruits day to day. The fruits of Juco are very desired by species such as Tangaras, Tucancillos, yiguirros, pigeons, eurfonias among others.

If you are a lover of bird watching in your garden, do not hesitate to plant Juco trees and you will be delighted to see them come daily to feed on the fruits of this wonderful tree.