Appreciating the mono titi and its special place – the Pacific coast of central Costa Rica

The mono tití, the grey-crowned Central American squirrel monkey (Saimiri oerstedii citrinellus) is a subspecies of the Central American squirrel monkey. Its range is restricted to the Pacific coast of central Costa Rica. Sadly, populations are very fragmented, and the subspecies does not occur in all locations within its general range. It is the subspecies of Central American squirrel monkey seen in Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica.

We are so proud of the wonderful natural treasures on our doorstep, and it feels like it simply isn’t possible to spend enough time appreciating all there is here. However, the popularity of an area among international tourists, and urbanization, can also carry risks for wildlife, if efforts aren’t made to protect them. The Titi Conservation Alliance is therefore working hard to reforest the biological corridor along the Naranjo River, which flows between Manuel Antonio National Park and the mountains, the Nara Hills.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate this wonderful area!

The Pacific coast of central Costa Rica is rightly recognized worldwide for its stunning natural beauty and setting between Manuel Antonio National Park and the mountains of the Los Santos range and Nara Hills.

What does Forbes have to say about Manuel Antonio National Park?

A century younger than Yosemite – the world’s first national park, Manuel Antonio is one of Costa Rica’s smallest national parks. Despite its size, it is also one of the country’s most popular national parks, thanks to its dazzling variety of sights: tropical rainforest, beaches and rocky headlands. Wildlife-including sloths, iguanas and squirrel monkeys-is abundant in the rainforest.

Costa Rica has topped the charts for Traveler’s Choice 2013 on both TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet sites. Of the Top 10 Beaches in Central America voted by TripAdvisor visitors, Costa Rica snagged eight spots, including No. 1, with Manuel Antonio National Park on the central Pacific coast.


Background on the Titi Conservation Alliance 

The Titi Conservation Alliance was started in 2001 by a group of business owners within the tourist industry based around Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica. Recognizing the need for conservation of their natural environment to maintain prosperity for their businesses, this group of entrepreneurs began the Alliance with the mission to promote sustainable development and to conserve the biodiversity of Costa Rica’s Central Pacific Region.

Today, the Alliance is composed of member businesses and individuals dedicated to saving the endangered tit squirrel monkey, and its habitat.

Through monthly membership contributions paid by member businesses, donations from concerned tourists wanting to help protect the beautiful areas they enjoy visiting, and the efforts of our staff and volunteers, the Titi Conservation Alliance is working to conserve the biodiversity of Costa Rica’s Central Pacific region through Sustainable Development, Habitat Reforestation, and Environmental Education.

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