The first rains mark the start of the green season in Costa Rica, which also marks the beginning of the reforestation period.

The main elements of Titi Conservation Alliance’s work are:

  • Educatiti, the environmental education program for the young people of Costa Rica’s Central Pacific Coast, and
  • Reforestation.
  • Wider environmental initiatives, including: school upgrade initiatives, eco-tourism, and community engagement, which are all aimed at seeking wider sustainable development in the area.Clases PEA_6174728721_l

A key strength of Titi Conservation Alliance’s reforestation program is that it is fully integrated intoEducatiti, our environmental education program, and the native trees are all planted by children from local public primary schools. Over 800 children have participated so far. A full-time teacher, Isaias Arias, leads the program, and 14 schools are currently participating.

This year we are working for the program to go from strength to strength, and are seeking sponsorship for new projects, including a children’s environmental film season. We are also working to develop a program of upgrades to schools, including painting classrooms and outdoor areas, painting murals, and supporting repairs to school fixtures where possible. We are aiming to make a big difference! We are proud to be able to offer this additional element this year.

Educatiti is a project that started 4 years ago and benefits 800 kids (Aged 10-11) per year from local public schools. They receive 3-monthly courses, work on school nurseries, and participate in reforestation days and environmental field trips.

When schools are empowered, they adopt the program themselves and we open the opportunity for new ones. Costa Rica’s National Education Ministry is a strong ally, the program helps fulfill requirements for the schools to become certified in the national Blue Flagship Scholar Program. Contents for the program were designed together with the National University of Costa Rica and adapted to the local reality.

Sponsors for a Better Future: Together with the school boards and teachers, the organization created a program to improve schools´ infrastructure and materials. Companies, private education centers and universities choose to sponsor one of the projects, most of them, including volunteering together with the local community. This requires a very low administrative budget, since the sponsors cover the costs. The program has helped to paint schools, with furniture donation, educational materials and emergency equipment.

We want to thank the following members of Titi Conservation Alliance for participating in our school sponsorship program in 2013 and 2014:

Arenas del Mar

Hotel Si Como No

Cafe Milagro

If you are interested in finding out more about the reforestation work of the Titi Conservation Alliance, and how you can help, you can read more at:, or contact us with any queries