midworldMidWorld Costa Rica is an outdoor adventure park focused on introducing visitors to the Costa Rican rainforest through high-quality, safety-oriented tours. Based on over 1,000 acres of privately protected primary and secondary rainforest, our activities include: Canopy zipline tours, ATV tours, the largest double-cabled Superman line in Central America, Spider Free Fall (the only attraction of its kind in Manuel Antonio), and hiking trails.

When we first purchased the MidWorld property almost 20 years ago, we were taken aback by the beauty of the Costa Rican rainforest, and the species that inhabited it (with the squirrel monkey being a special favorite, as we often see them at the park!). Since then, protecting the native wildlife, and its home, has been a part of our personal mission. Supporting TCA is, for us, a way to continue that personal mission, and extend it beyond the boundaries of our own property. By promoting and actively supporting rainforest and native species conservation, we hope that everyone can feel the same sense of wonderment that we first felt for many years to come!”

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