Scientific Name: Hampea platanifolia

Botanical Family: Malvaceae

Common Name: Burio

Our tree of the month for January 2017 is known as the Burio, which is characterized by being a tree of low stature, reaching only heights up to 8 meters, with large heart shaped leaves. The leaves have long petioles covered with orangish red hairs . The flowers are white in color and the fruits grow at the end of its branches.

The Burio is a species distributed all along the south and central Pacific of Costa Rica up to altitudes of 1800 meters and thus of course we find it throughout the secondary forests of the Naranjo River Biological Corridor.

One marvelous aspect of this tree is that we can extract fibers from its cortex which can then be used for making ropes and ties of excellent durability. It is oftentimes used for ties in the construction of palm ranchos and in other agricultural uses. The mature fruit are consumed by various species of birds as well.