Common name : Milk tree

Scientific Name: Brosimun ultile

Botanical family : MORACEAE

Brosium utile is one of the species of the family named Moraceae, which are found very abundant in tropical forests. It is a large tree which can attain heights of up to 40 meters tall and diameters up to 1.5 meters, with large well developed roots that help to support this giant. Its bark is grayish and thick, and when cut it exudes a white sticky latex. The leaves are simple and large in size, with stipules. The flowers are small and white, and its fruit is round and juicy , making excellent food for many forest animals, such as monkeys, sainos and Chanchos de monte (wild pigs or peccarys) Although it flowers all year long its fruits are present mainly between April and June.

The latex is white in color with an agreeable taste and may be consumed without any risk in its natural state. In traditional indigenous medicine, the latex has been used to treat a wide variety of illness, especially as a gastrointestinal protector, against such sicknesses as gastritis and diarrhea. It also used to help heal skin ailments such as burns and sun spots. The latex may also be used to make glue and resins.

In Costa Rica it can commonly be found in the humid tropical forests of the central and south Pacific in areas such as Quepos, Parrita, Osa peninsula, Buenos Aires, Puriscal and Perez Zeledon.