The Sotacaballo Tree, protector of water.

sotacaballoThe Sotacaballo tree is used abundantly in the restoration of our Rio Naranjo Biological Corridor. The tree grows naturally along the edges of rivers and streams, especially all along the Savegre River as well as the Naranjo and Parrita rivers, due in part to our reforestation projects.

-The branches and roots of the Sotocaballo have many characteristics which distinguish it and make it especially useful for reforesting the edges of rivers and streams.

-The branches bend very easily but do not break, unique to this spectacular tree. Because its branches do not break, the tree is incredibly resistant to the adverse effects of storms.

-Its root system is very superficial (close to the surface) and entwines in the rocks and transforms into a wall which prevents erosion of the banks of streams and rivers.